Stories From Someone Who Was There

Please note: These stories must not be taken and used anywhere else...Rhoda shared them with me but they are protected by Copyright.

I have been speaking with the Goonies on-set teacher for a while now and here is her story in installments.

Rhoda Fine shared some times with the Goonies as their on set teacher for the duration of the film, she taught them many things. When you watch it and think about how long it took to film, you wonder what life would have been during the time spent when the cameras were not rolling, and what they would get up to!
Because they will still at an age where they would need to be educated, teachers would need to be on the set to provide this.

"I was working on "Glitter" with 10 students and was due to work until 8 p.m. At that time the Los Angeles Board of Education dispatched the teachers, and I received an urgent call at 4:30 pm asking if I would be able to go to Astoria, Oregon, the next morning. I had to rush home at 8 pm to pack and be back at Warner Bros studios at 7 am the next morning to be shuttled to LAX."

She was shaken like one of James Bonds martinis as the van bounced its way to Astoria from Portland. When she got there, two things struck her about the place: the poverty and the rain.

"Astoria is on a delta and that means rain. I swore that whoever wrote the story of Noah must have lived in Astoria for it rained the whole time we were there."

You already know the cast members, Jeff Cohen a 5th grader, and the rest secondary students. Key (Data), Corey, and Sean were in 8th grade, Martha in 9th, and both Kerri and Josh in 12th grade. Jack, the other teacher, was mainly elementary at the time, and that was the reason why they needed a second teacher. However, it was the 5th grader who inquired when he would be getting his specialty teachers. When I asked what specialty teachers, he replied that he was supposed to have a typing teacher and a computer teacher. Well, I told him, "I guess that would be me." So the company rented an electronic typewriter and an Apple II computer, and I taught the Goonies basic programming. They did some pretty fantastic stuff that I showed off whenever anyone visited the classroom. I still have the discs, but they're 5" so can't show them anymore."