Sloth's Makeup

Sloth's makeup consisted of 15 overlapping
sections. Foam latex was sculpted around a
mechanical headpiece that allowed Sloth's
droopy eye and dumbo ears to move, via
radio controls. The makeup was created by
The Burman Studio team.

Special thanks to "Shaz" from the message board for the contribution!

From the Goonies Collectors Magazine: "A kiss is just a kiss. Unless it's from the lips of Sloth. Witness Chunk's reaction: "Man! You smell like Phys Ed!" Creating Sloth combined many talents. "We wanted to make Sloth a Goony who hadn't yet joined the club," says Screenplay Writer Columnus. "He could be the president of the Goonies. It was our intention, too, to make Sloth a hero at the end of the film. We also wanted him to be an older version of Chunk. They both like to eat and watch TV, and each, in his own way, has been blocked off from the world." Once the concept jelled, the makeup was the trick. "This is probably the most difficult makeup i've ever done, and I don't know of another that has as many pieces (15 overlapping sections in all) or this much involvement...and such a hell of a gut to wear it," says Makeup Chief Tom Burman during one daily four-hour sessions. Each morning, he and his wife Bari adn brother Sonny labored to transform Matuszak into Sloth. Their proprietary foam latex was sculpted, fresh each day, around a mechanical headpiece that allows Sloth's droopy eye and Dumbo ears to move, via radio controls. Nonetheless, the character was nowhere without the abilities of former Raiders defensive lineman Matuszak. Says Director Donner: "I think the best thing I can say about Sloth is that about 10 minutes after we've met him, everybody's going to want to own a Sloth. But alot of Sloth is Matuszak. He's one of the sweetest, most sensitive, and interesting actors I've worked with." Finally, Matuszak offers his own impressions of the character. "Sloth is a big old boy, who was born deformed but has a heart off gold. Even though he's mistreated by his criminal family, he sees his way clear to be a kind and good kid.""