Lighthouse Article 1985

Original article found in the Goonies Souvenir Magazine 1985.

Little do the Goonies know what adventure lies waiting for them inside-and below-the decrepit Lighthouse Lounge. This scene demonstrates the incredible lengths Director Donner and the production crew went to bring verisimilitude-complete believability-to the film. What appears to be an abandoned logging camp, complete with a beat-up mess hall and lighthouse, is really an intricately constructed set. It was erected in a state park overlooking Cannon Beach, south of Astoria. The original idea, says Production Designer Riva, was to have a cemetery on the hill, with the Goonies hiding behind gravestones. But owing to the area's rich lumbering history, they opted for the logging camp look. It took about three and a half weeks to build the set; the crew was hampered much of the time by 60 mph winds. The paint department weathered the lumber and even created 'moss' on the wood by mixing sawdust with green paint. The top of the lighthouse looks like it's been through a fire; the crew fastened some carried pieces of wood up there. The crowning touch was to shatter the railings, walls, and windows, to give it the run-down look. This was the handiwork of Riva (Michael), who was left alone at the site for a while with a sledgehammer. Finally, the surrounding area was littered with pieces of driftwood, old logs, and railroad ties. Now that's verisimilitude!

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