The Goonies Maui Wrap Party

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The Goonies Wrap Party

"Now you have to know how sick of kids Dick Donner was to appreciate this. He kept talking about how he was leaving for his house in Maui right after the last shot ostensibly to get away from the kids.

Well, it was little Jeff Cohen who got the brilliant idea for a practical joke
-- to send all the cast members with a guest to Maui to surprise Dick Donner.
I couldn't believe that Spielberg would go along with that, so when he asked me if I would accept the invitation, I said, "What can I say, your genius is only surpassed by your generosity!!"

We were all scheduled on the same flight, me with my daughter as guest, but Corey missed the flight but him and his mom did manage to get a later one. We landed in Maui and were immediately packed into a bus and shuttled to a shopping center parking lot where we waited until someone could get Dick out of his house.

When Dick returned and saw us all there lounging around his place,you should have seen his face. It was redder than a mad hen, but he took it all in good spirit and sent someone out to get ribs to barbecue. The clean up was difficult as the garbage disposal kept getting clogged up. His lot was beautiful, right on the water. After the party, we were all flown to Honolulu and put up at a hotel with everything including the phone and meals paid for.

I remember our having a boat trip with everyone along, but other than that everyone did their own thing. Lisa and I, as well as Ann Ramsey and her husband elected to extend our stay and flew back to Maui for a few days.

Now you must realize that wrap parties are NEVER, but NEVER like this was.
It was the talk of the industry for quite a long time."

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