Crew Photos and Info

Courtesy to Warner Brothers for the images and text

Here are the Cast and Crew in all their glory:


"The morning we chose the house, we asked the woman if she'd like us to restore it for her. She looked at us like we were crazy. We said we were from Hollywood, and she understood immediately. We redid the house inside and out, and now she has a beautiful home." Michael Riva -Production Designer

"The water slide is about 250 feet long, with various sweeping curves in it. It's got walls about 20 feet high on either side, and it's covered with seaweed and hanging vines. The long slide which we purchased from a New Jersey Company (Langford Surf Coaster Corp, Cape May.) We added walls to the sides and the seaweed and vines. in a couple of places are hanging skeletons, and there are some wooden steakes that the kids have to watch out for." The FX crew employed a huge diesel pump to keep water flowing continuously through the system. Equally tricky as building and outfitting the slide was filming the goonies zipping down it. But it was done, with the camera following the kids, head on, right into the water. "we built a little traveller for the cameraman, its a kind of sled, that keeps the correct distance beteen the camera and the kids. First we built one from wetsuit rubber, with a nylon lining on the outside. then we switched to a piece of semi-rigid foam, kind of like a long, flexible boogie board. The cameraman hung onto the camera, which was in a special waterproof bag supplied by Panovision. They just shot down the slide and and ran out into the drink." Matt Sweeney - Special FX Co-ordinator